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About Us

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Vibrac® was founded in 1960 and has been designing and manufacturing precision electromechanical torque test equipment for customers whose applications commonly require important torque performance data for improving quality, product reliability and engineering design. Located in Manchester, New Hampshire (USA), Vibrac® manufactures a broad range of automated and manual precision torque testing systems for accurately measuring torque of numerous types of rotational devices.

Originally founded as a manufacturer of high performance magnetic particle clutches and brakes, Vibrac® has grown into a company that designs and manufactures high precision test systems that are consistently used for measuring torque of small motors, bearings, fasteners, bottle caps/closures, medical devices, knobs, switches, night vision sensors, aerospace components, and countless other devices. Vibrac's reputation for producing reliable testing systems and torque sensors has earned Vibrac® high levels of respect with quality engineers and scientists from around the globe. Vibrac® customers are leaders in many industries, including the automotive, bearing, aerospace, defense, computer, cosmetic, beverage, chemical, hardware and academic fields.

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Calibration and Service

We provide a full instrument calibration service, either 'on site' or return to factory, during this procedure the instrument will be serviced and tested for correct operational functionality and the calibration integrity is checked and corrected if necessary and a new traceable calibration certificate is issued. We can also supply all necessary equipment to enable the end user to carry out calibration checks and to perform user re-calibration by following the simple instructions in the users guide. Which is to be conducted by a trained Vibrac representative only.

Frequency of Calibration

We recommend that all instruments are calibrated at least once a year to ensure correct functionality and continued accuracy, this advice also applies to the Gold Standard Bottle. If instruments are over 5 years, we advice on biannual calibrations.

Gold Standard Bottle: Calibration Verification Device

The Model 1612 Gold Standard Bottle was designed to allow the user to quickly verify the calibration and operational repeatability of Vibrac Models of torque testers, this process can be carried out in 2-3 minutes. The Gold Standard Bottle is constructed using high-energy permanent magnets and heavy duty ball bearings to ensure the long term durability of this calibration standard. Each gold standard bottle is labeled with an exact torque rating which can be set to a customer specification and is supplied with a certificate of calibration and traceability. The Gold Standard Bottle is manufactured exclusively by Vibrac and can easily be used on torque test devices manufactured by other companies. The calibrations of the Gold Bottle Standards are done exclusively by ourselves, calibrations are issued with Vibrac certificates.

Why is Calibration so Important?

Regular calibration ensures that you’re getting the most accurate results, which can greatly improve you ROI and avoid production loss and costly recalls. We recommend calibration be performed at least every 12 months and biannually if the instrument is over 5 years old. Calibrations do be conducted by trained Vibrac technicians only, in order for us to issue a certificate.

Why Should I Have Vibrac Perform my Calibration?

Because we're the ones that made your machine and Gold Bottle Standards, we’re the best ones to calibrate it. Unlike 3rd party cal labs that may lack familiarity with our testers, our technicians have the most intimate understanding of proper calibration techniques. This means we can ensure that your torque tester will be optimized for the best possible performance and most accurate data. All calibrations are accompanied with Vibrac certificates.

What Does a Vibrac Calibration Include?

During our standard calibration procedure we calibrate the system to both clockwise and counterclockwise directions and check the linearity with 4 different torque standards. After calibrating your cap torque tester, we prepare an NIST- traceable certificate for you. Your calibration will include: Thorough inspection of your cap torque analyzer Make sure it meets all original specifications Clean the system and the area immediately around it Inspect all tooling and accessories Complete all paperwork and certification documents Review any questions with your operator(s)


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